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  • Distributed Computing!

    • Distributed computing software has been around for years, yet has remained unutilized by software engineers. Many typical engineering activities, which tend to be time-consuming, compute-intensive, and highly repetitive, benefit greatly from this concept.

    • PTC Creo delivers the power of cutting edge, web-based distributed computing technologies to your desktop. Distributed Computing Extension manufacturing software can be used in a networked environment. Distributed Pro/BATCH Standalone — free with PTC Creo --is designed for non-networked environments.

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Creo Distributed Computer Extension

Creo Elements/Pro Distributed Pro/BATCH Architecture

Customers using Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire or later may leverage the scheduling and batch processing capabilities of Distributed Pro/BATCH. The Creo Elements/Pro Distributed Pro/BATCH architecture shown in Figure 1 is comprised of the following elements:

1. Distributed Pro/BATCH Client
allows users to create, save, schedule, submit, and monitor batch processing tasks. The ability for Clients to operate within the Windchill environment is available in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 and above.

2. Distributed Services Manager (DSM)
is a purchasable, platform independent, network-based resource management software system to manage remote resources for performing some service over a network. It includes six Distributed Pro/BATCH Service licenses. An application programming interface is included as part of the DSM in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 and above for creating custom clients and services.

3. Distributed Pro/BATCH Services
perform the work of scheduled tasks on individual, configured workstations. Each active Service instance requires a Distributed Pro/BATCH Service license. Multiple service instances may exist on a single workstation at one time. Additional Services are purchasable for use with the Distributed Services Manager.

Creo Elements/Pro Distributed Pro/BATCH users create and schedule batch processing requests using the Distributed Pro/BATCH Client. The DSM receives client requests as a “task group” in XML format, identifies available network Distributed Pro/BATCH Services capable of executing the requests, and distributes the tasks appropriately. Service instances execute the tasks and return the results to the DSM. The DSM collects and returns the results to the client according to the output location specified in the original XML task request. If a Distributed Pro/BATCH Service fails to execute an individual task, descriptive error codes are written to the task group log managed by the DSM.

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